What We Do | Telethon Speech & Hearing

What We Do

Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH) is a centre of excellence for assisting children and adults with hearing, speech and language impairments. We provide services to families in a professional and effective way which makes us the providers of choice in this field.


TSH is registered to provide services under both NDIS schemes in all of the trial sites.

We provide essential early intervention and school support services to ensure children overcome these disabilities and achieve success in education and future good employment outcomes.


Our Mission

We enable children and adults with hearing, speech or language impairments to communicate.


Our Vision

TSH is proud to be a part of the Telethon family and fits its purpose of improving the health and well-being of all children.


TSH is a centre of excellence for assisting children and adults with hearing, speech and language impairments. We provide services to families in a professional and effective way that makes us the providers of choice in this field. Our programs are developed through evidence based best practice and lead to innovative approaches with the use of techniques and technology. We undertake professional development to constantly improve in all areas. We also deliver professional development to those outside TSH as we are recognised as the preferred choice for those seeking knowledge in this area.


We are a not-for-profit organisation and we are service focused. All visitors, families and associates are treated with a five-star experience on every occasion and we engender trust and security through our approach to everyone. At TSH, we have a team focus and collaborate with each other to produce outstanding results.


We work together, using evidence, to produce outstanding results for those with hearing, speech and language impairments that impact the families and communities in which we work.


Our Values

We are able to reach our vision through our core values of:



Teamwork involves staff working collaboratively to achieve a common goal or purpose. The best solutions come from working together with our colleagues, children, adults, families, carers and other stakeholders. Effective teamwork requires good working relationships, respect and sharing.

We work with one another:

  • To achieve common goals
  • Valuing everyone’s unique qualities and contributions
  • Resolving conflict openly and constructively



We approach everything we do professionally. Professionalism is characterised by individuals practising with expertise and specialized knowledge in their field carrying out quality work with a high standard of professional ethics and morals. Professionals conduct appropriate working relationships with colleagues.

At all times:

  • We act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible
  • We endeavour to provide and receive constructive feedback
  • We communicate with transparency and honesty across the organisation
  • Everything we do, whether internally or externally facing, is characterised by professional interactions
  • We acknowledge the expertise of the individuals we work with including staff, families, clients and advocates



Community creates a connection between staff, clients, their families and carers and the organisation’s stakeholders. Our approach identifies the communities’ needs, transforming action by working together and harnessing the communities’ knowledge, skills and capabilities. We aim to build positive productive community relationships.

We demonstrate this by:

  • Identifying community needs
  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • Utilising community connections to support the organisation’s work
  • Using the communities’ diverse characteristics for positive outcomes
  • Looking for ways to improve outcomes for all in our community



Respect is a positive feeling of esteem or deference for an individual or other entity with specific actions or conduct representing that esteem. Respect is both given and received.

We are committed to:

  • Respecting each person as an individual of value. We respect the clients we provide services for, actively engaging with them and their families in decisions about their service. We respect our staff and value each unique contribution towards achieving the vision and mission of the organisation.
  • Treating our colleagues, the individuals we work with and others in our community we respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy.
  • Maintaining a work environment that is free from discriminations, harassment and bullying.



We will uphold, defend, advocate for and promote the interests and causes of our, clients, colleagues and other stakeholders to maximise opportunities, growth and development for all.

We are committed to:

  • Providing strategies supporting individuals by understanding their needs and focusing on skills and abilities.
  • Encouraging individual development by supporting families, carer and other community members.
  • Supporting and encouraging our colleagues in their work and professional development.
  • Developing connections and partnerships with external stakeholders to support members of our community.