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Concerned With My Child’s Hearing

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Telethon Speech & Hearing offers infant diagnostic testing and audiology services to all children of all ages for hearing assessment.

We also provide a Cochlear Implant Program to children who are not obtaining optimal benefit from their conventional hearing aids due to the severity of their hearing loss and are suitable for cochlear implantation.

The program offers timely assessment and determines the suitability for cochlear implantation as well as providing post-operation monitoring and habilitation.

Although newborn hearing screenings can detect hearing loss at birth, hearing loss can occur at any age.

If you’re concerned your child has a hearing loss there are 3 signs you can look out for:

  1. Doesn’t respond to sounds
  2. Delay in speech or language
  3. History of middle ear issues

If you have concerns about your child’s hearing make an appointment today.