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Donate Your Day

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What is Donate Your Day?

Donate our Day is an easy way to make a difference to children whose lives have been impacted by hearing, speech or language challenges. All you need to do is ask your friends and family to make a donation to Telethon Speech & Hearing instead of buying you gifts. For example, you could Donate Your Day for a birthday, an anniversary or your wedding.

You can set up a donation page as well where your friends and family can make an online donation to!

How do I Donate My Day?

It’s simple to do, just click here to set up your very own ‘Donate Your Day’ page. Share it with your friends and family and they can donate directly to Telethon Speech & Hearing to help celebrate your special day.

Hearing loss is prevalent in Australia, with 1 in every 100 children being born with a hearing loss. This number increases to 1 in every 500 by school age.

Meanwhile 1 in every 5 children are documented as not reaching age appropriate speech and language milestones. 

By donating your day, you are sharing your gifts with children and families all across WA whose lives have been impacted by hearing, speech and language challenges.

Birthday and celebration fundraising on Facebook

Birthday fundraiser for TSH

You may have noticed on your Facebook feed that a lot of your friends are fundraising for a charity or cause close to them in the lead up to their birthday. Charities like Telethon Speech & Hearing that are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission are able to be supported over Facebook through the platform’s ‘Birthday Fundraiser’ option. 

Payments are made via Paypal so you can be sure they are secure.

Facebook and the Paypal Giving Fund do not make any profit off your donation.

You can start a fundraiser via Facebook for any reason at any time. A significant event like a birthday or anniversary is a wonderful reason to start a fundraiser!

How to create a birthday fundraiser

  1. Navigate to the top bar search browser on Facebook and enter: Fundraiser
  2. A shortcut labelled Fundraiser will appear marked with a red heart icon. Click the prompts to see more.
  3. Next, you’ll be given the option to raise money for a non-profit/charity.
Create a fundraiser on Facebook for TSH
Set up your birthday fundraiser on Facebook for TSH
  1. A pop up will appear with a drop-down list of non-profits, type Telethon Speech & Hearing in the search menu. Don’t click enter, rather allow Facebook to serve you the relevant names. Click on Telethon Speech & Hearing once it appears.
Facebook search for a Charity TSH fundraiser for TSH
  1. Select the amount of money you’re hoping to raise – please be assured that Telethon Speech & Hearing will receive 100% of this money within 90 days.
  2. Select a date that you’d like the fundraiser to end on
  3. Tell your story – your friends and family will connect to the reason why you’re fundraising for our organisation.
  4. Pick a cover photo.
  5. Click create and your fundraiser will go live! TSH is not notified when a Facebook fundraiser is happening in our name, so please get in touch with our team to let us know that you’re donating your day!
  6. Once the fundraiser ends, TSH will receive funds within 90 Days.
Complete your online Facebook fundraiser

I don't have Facebook. Can I still host a fundraiser?

Yes! We can help you set up a birthday or celebration fundraiser for you or your child. Please contact our Fundraising team for support.

I still need help setting up my page!

For further support in setting up your online page, please contact our Fundraising team at or call (08) 9387 9888.