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Natalie’s Story

“I now proudly wear life-changing hearing devices and am so grateful to the team at TSH for identifying my hearing loss and changing my life.”

To celebrate our 50th year anniversary, Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH) will be showcasing 50 stories of people who have been a part of our organisation’s history since 1967.

Today’s highlighted story is from Natalie Trott, Owner/Director of Function Concepts.


What a wonderful experience it has been working so close with Telethon Speech & Hearing!

Our 15-year association has been memorable and from the heart a truly inspirational association for an organisation that does so much for those with hearing loss. Function Concepts has worked with TSH annually at their major fundraiser, Artitude, and works daily in providing catering services for Venue Hire clients in Wembley. We have participated each year in donating major Auction prizes.

The Telethon Speech & Hearing staff are also so special and attentive, they daily aspire to be the very best they can and provide life changing services to so many people.  The funds that are raised and the community support they receive stand as testimony to the wonderful mission TSH pursues for its families.



A sample of the delicious creations made by Function Concepts!


Over the years, Function Concepts staff have loved providing catering services and support to the clients of TSH and have always aspired to ensure that our service is seen as special and memorable. We always  attempt with vigour to align and provide unique services that are to the very high standards set by TSH.

In recent years, I was tested by an Audiologist at TSH and identified that I had a severe hearing deficiency which apparently was from my early formative years after having viral meningitis.  It is such a unique experience that whilst providing services to TSH, I was recognised as having a hearing issue.  I now proudly wear life-changing hearing devices and am so grateful to the team at TSH for identifying my hearing loss and changing my life.


About Natalie

Natalie Trott is the Owner and Director of Function Concepts, and has been a proud supporter of Telethon Speech & Hearing for over 15 years.

Long before the dream of Function Concepts became a reality, Natalie served as Marketing Manager and Function Coordinator with Showbusiness Australia. Her role of managing public relations, radio segments and advertising for promotions saw her taking care of some of the big stars of show business at the time; including an Australian tour by Kylie Minogue back in 1991. Her experience in this industry was further enhanced when moving to Entertainment Enterprises where she managed and coordinated functions at five of its venues.

Fifteen years later, with a solid reputation for quality and innovation firmly established, Function Concepts is now a leading provider of catering services in Perth.

Source: Function Concepts