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HBF Run Chatterbox Mums

$14,000 Raised for A Reason

On May 27, a group of Chatterbox parents took to the pavement to walk 4kms in the HBF Run for a Reason. This incredible group of parents were brought together by “someone we love with every inch of our heart has permanent hearing loss, OUR CHILD.”

Even though it was a wintry day, it didn’t dampen their spirts. They took to the course with pride and enjoyed a few giggles along the way. There was dancing, lollies, pit stops for the kids, photos, catch ups but most of all a fun day enjoyed by all.

The families from the Chatterbox grow and connect groups raised over $14,000 and in doing so became the 4th highest fundraising team in the state. This is an incredible achievement and we are so thankful to each and every person for contributing and fundraising.  With this money we will be able to purchase a new soundfield system and many more resource to help children to learn to listen and speak.

On behalf of the entire Telethon Speech & Hearing community, we say a massive “Thank you” to these remarkable parents.