AC Milan supports TSH Community Coaching Event - TSH

AC Milan supports TSH Community Coaching Event

On May 29th, AC Milan held an uplifting coaching and meet-and-greet session aimed at empowering and supporting a group of our Outpost School Support students and their families. In partnership with the community-based Football Futures Foundation and Telethon 7, the session was held at the Football Centre in Osborne Park, which included a special coaching event for 21 of our wonderful students, bringing the joy of the beautiful game to our children with hearing loss.

The event was graced by three AC Milan legends: Franco Baresi, Serginho, and Daniele Massaro. These football icons interacted with our students, who participated in a range of fun and engaging football drills. The focus was on teamwork, skill-building, and fostering a love for the game. The students had a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the sport, enhancing their skills and gaining invaluable inspiration from these celebrated players. The day was not only about football but also about building confidence and creating lasting memories for our children.

Feedback from families included enthusiastic students and parents sharing their experiences.

“Elke was excited to participate in the soccer session with AC Milan, even though she didn’t know who the team was at first. During the session, she was thoroughly engaged and had fun with her TSH peers. Her favourite moment was playing soccer games with her school friends. The experience boosted her confidence significantly. Before, she was hesitant, but during the session, she tracked the ball, attempted tackles, and was very much part of the game. She learned that being skilled in a sport can take you around the world, and she was impressed that the team came all the way from Italy. The event also helped her develop friendships and camaraderie. I highly recommend engaging in any opportunities TSH provides, as they play a positive role in developing a child’s sense of belonging,” said Gemma, Elke’s mum.

“My sons Max and his brother Reece are die-hard fans of football, so being able to attend this event absolutely made their week! Everyone involved in the event, including the team from TSH were really lovely. We did especially appreciate that older siblings who came to watch were invited to take part on the day.  Overall, we feel this event has really motivated them to practice more, communicate their interests in hoping to join a football league, and potentially become professional footballers in the future. The children had a great time and are still talking about it! It’s something they’ll remember for years to come. We really appreciate everything that TSH does for Max and the support that he receives,” said mum, Jennifer Gordon.


A TSH student showcases his football skills.
A TSH student showcases his football skills.


Callum Robinson, a student in year 5 said, “I was with my mum and excited to see the AC Milan players. One of the players was named Serginho. I got to train with their coach, but I was nervous to meet the other children. When I arrived, the coach asked me and the others to do some drills to warm up. After that, we learned some professional soccer moves. Then, I played soccer matches against the other team and had a lot of fun. At the end, Serginho signed my match shirt, boots, and soccer ball. I can’t wait to put my new moves into practice.

The coaching sessions were tailored to accommodate the needs of our students. The inclusive approach included simplified instructions, and one-on-one assistance to make sure every student could engage fully and benefit from the experience. It was a wonderful opportunity for the TSH students to come together and benefit not just from professional coaching but also, from the chance to meet and engage with legends of world football, get their autographs, and kick a ball with them.