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Speech and Language Skills

All About Speech

Learn all about speech pathology and the wonderful benefits it adds to your child’s development!

What is speech pathology?

Speech pathology involves assessing speech and language skills and providing therapy to remediate delays or disorders identified in the assessment.

What areas are covered by the speech pathologist?

Speech pathologists who work with children are trained to identify and treat the following areas:

  • Phonology & articulation – how speech sounds are said
  • Semantics – learning vocabulary, and the meaning of words and accessing this vocabulary to express one’s needs and thoughts
  • Syntax – Putting words together to form phrases and sentences
  • Morphology – Using the smallest units of language to ensure appropriate grammar within sentences (e.g. is vs are, he vs she)
  • Discourse – Producing larger units of language such as telling a story (narrative discourse), explaining how to do something (procedural discourse), telling about an experience (episodic discourse) or having a conversation (conversational discourse)
  • Comprehension – the understanding of language
  • Pragmatics – the use of language for a range of purposes and the knowledge of social/conversational skills
  • Phonological awareness – the ability to consciously reflect or ‘tune into’ the sounds of our language. Phonological awareness is an important component of early reading success
  • Literacy – supporting the development of reading and writing
  • Fluency – continuity, smoothness, rate, and effort in speech production

What services are offered by the speech pathologist?

Direct Service

  • Face to face or telehealth individual sessions with the caregiver and child to coach parents on how to maximise speech and language learning in their daily routine at home.
  • Formal and informal assessment of speech and language skills.
  • Working in small groups within the playgroups on language goals.
  • Providing annual progress reports or as required.

Indirect Service

  • Consulting with others, such as day care assistants, teachers, extended family etc. on speech and language needs of the children.

How Speech Pathology works at Telethon Speech & Hearing

Our team works in all programs across Telethon Speech & Hearing. Our speech pathologists work with families in:

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