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What are some of the signs of hearing loss for a baby, toddler, or young child? What does it mean when your child is diagnosed with an ‘effusion behind the eardrum’ and where do you go to receive help? Is a hearing test result even accurate at all?

It can be difficult to know if children are hearing us or just aren’t listening. Hearing is an essential ingredient in a child’s development. Good hearing allows a child to interact with their world.

Given hearing loss can be very subtle and children can’t always communicate that they can’t hear, as adults and carers, we do sometimes need to intervene and audiology is sometimes the first step in this process.

Audiological screening for hearing loss is an important resource that needs to be utilised when concerns arise. Naomi, one of Telethon Speech & Hearing’s Paediatric Audiologists, recently spoke on the Kid’s Health Network Podcast to discuss the early signs of hearing loss and treatment options involved in supporting your child.

A direct link to her interview with Dr. Andrew Leech can be found here.

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