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Lucky Sip Top 10 announced

Telethon Speech & Hearing launched its annual Lucky Sip Wine Raffle for 2023, with no fewer than 130 cases of wine being generously donated by wineries across the country to the worthy Western Australian cause.

Raffle tickets for the wines went on sale to the public for $200 each, with all 130 tickets being snapped up in a matter of days. Each ticket was guaranteed to win a case of the premium wine on offer, but winners were subject to the luck of the draw when it came to the wine they would receive, with the top-value prize – a case of Simpson Estate Jenny wines – valued at $756.

Wineries were invited to put forward a selection of their wines for judging and The West Australian’s Expert Reviewers, Simon Collins and Kate Emery, had a tough task selecting their Top 10 wines. 

“The quality of wines we tasted this year was sky high, with plenty of surprises and some incredible variety within styles,” said Mr Collins. “This set quite the task for selecting the Top 10, although it was far from a chore. While we looked at whether wines were representative of style, in the end it came down to the ones that simply impressed us, or that we personally enjoyed. Next year, more roses please.”

Thanks to the generosity of the wineries, Telethon Speech & Hearing was able to raise a total of $26,000, with the raffle selling out within three days.

Head of External Relations & Facilities Belinda Leksas was blown away by the response to the annual fundraiser.

“First of all, I’d like to thank all of the wineries for so generously supporting Telethon Speech & Hearing,” she said. “The money that we have raised will go directly into our programs, which help children with hearing loss, speech and or language delays access our vital early intervention supports and services, ensuring they will receive the same opportunities as their siblings and peers.”


The Top 10 Wines, as judged by The West Australian’s Expert Reviewers 

Vasse Felix Filius Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2022
Price per bottle: $30
What Simon said: Vibrant young fruit with a very soft landing. Everything you’d expect from a Vasse Felix SBS.

Peter Lehmann Eden Valley Riesling 2014
Price per bottle: $40
What Simon said: I love Rieslings, and I love Eden Valley Rieslings – particularly ones with a few years on them. While this drop has more oak than I’d normally like, it remained a ripper.

Flowstone Moonmilk Shiraz Grenache 2021
Price per bottle: $25
What Simon said: Wonderfully smooth combination of shiraz and grenache, mild up front with a little pepper to finish. I could drink this all day.

Stella Bella Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
Price per bottle: $42
What Simon said: Surprising big and bold with a bit of spice. Returned to this one and it only got better. An unexpected favourite.

Langmeil Orphan Bank Shiraz 2020
Price per bottle: $75
What Simon said: Huge, robust flavours and body for a 2020. While other wines slipped in and out of favour, this was a lock for the Top 10 from the first sip.

Cape Mentelle Chardonnay 2020
Price per bottle: $60
What Kate said: A standout chardonnay that’s light on the oak and had great balance – a must-try for anyone who thinks they’re not a chardy fan.

Leeuwin Estate Art Series Shiraz 2021
Price per bottle: $48
What Kate said: Lovely cool climate Shiraz with fruits that are punchy without being over-stewed.

Clairault Streicker Bridgeland Rock Syrah 2017
Price per bottle: $45
What Kate said: Another lovely Shiraz that’s on the lighter side (are you sensing a theme?). It has the depth of flavour you want from a Shiraz but isn’t too bogged down by the fruit.

Passel Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
Price per bottle: $48
What Kate said: This was a real surprise, punching well above its weight. I expected an easy-drinking quaffer but this is a cut above and gets even better after an hour or so.

Wills Domain Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
Price per bottle: $110
What Kate said: A gorgeously light Cab Sav that has all the polish you expect from Wills Domain.


Five close calls

With so many fine wines to choose from, our judges struggled to restrict themselves to a top 10. Here are five great wines that barely missed out on the top-10 list.

Night Harvest Five Moons 2023 Sauvignon Blanc
Price per bottle: $25
An unappealing label and a total lack of colour made us misjudge this super young wine that offering impressive floral aromas then fresh fruit and acidity for days.

Goon Tycoons 2022 Rose
Price per bottle: $50
There were only two roses in the mix this year. While the other was far too sweet, this ‘goon’ was a dry-finishing, earthy rose that would be utterly perfect chilled with pizza.

Miles from Nowhere Best Blocks 2002 Chardonnay
Price per bottle: $30
This local wine label was really unlucky not to have a wine in the Top 10. In fact, they had a few trouble the scorers, including this lovely, full and flowery Margaret River chardonnay that offers stone fruit and citrus notes.

Express Winemakers Syrah 2021
Price per bottle: $32
Once we found the corkscrew (I think only a few wines this year didn’t have a screwcap), this fresh juicy red with a peppery finish was a frontrunner. Shiraz is a tough category – so many good and great ones!

Passel Estate Shiraz
Price per bottle: $40
It was a real toss-up whether to include this or the Cab Sav as they were both unexpected delights. This was fantastic for the price and I’ll seek it out again.


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