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Brilliant Bricktober

by Luke McParland – Year 9 student at St Stephen’s School in Duncraig

On October 8th this year, I was involved in Bricktober, which was held at Curtain University.  I belong to a Lego club that meets every month and, together with my mentor Graham, we created a castle that took us three months to build. We didn’t have instructions but used my own ideas and it evolved as I built it. I probably used about five thousand Lego pieces to build the castle. The idea came from the Lego medieval castle creator (31120) set from 2021.

At Bricktober, lots of people came to look at my creation and I had to explain to them how I went about building it. I also entered a competition where I had to build a Lego set in 20 minutes. It was a race to finish and I came first, although it was really tricky putting the windows in.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in Lego to go along next year to see all the wonderful creations. You can also buy Lego there and I save up my money each year to spend there!

Lego Based Therapy, an evidence-based approach designed by neuropsychologist Daniel LeGoff, is a skill building approach, targeting goals around social skills, expressive and receptive language and motor skills. Read more here.


Luke McParland enjoyed some Lego fun during his holiday – check out the video above to see what Bricktober is all about.