Power of Speech 2020 | Telethon Speech & Hearing
Telethon Speech & Hearing Power of Speech 2020

Power of Speech 2020

On September 12, TSH Outpost families and staff gathered for its most inspirational events of the year – Power of Speech.

Power of Speech celebrates the wonderful outcomes possible for children with hearing loss as they exhibit their public speaking skills in front of a live audience.

This year 29 brave and courageous students with hearing loss from Years 1 to 6 took to the stage to perform a 2-3 minute speech in front of their loved ones, teachers, and friends.

It was an intimate affair this year, as Stage 4 restrictions meant only 150 people could watch our students showcase their extraordinary speaking skills, with some saying it was arguably the highest standard of speeches ever seen.

Our esteemed judges had a great challenge on their hands, but managed to award 4 winners:
🏅 Leon Dean – Category 1 Winner
🏅 Abeer Ghous – Category 2 Winner
🏅 Lucas Gherardi – Mary Shurman Most Improved Winner
🏅 Archer Rowntree – Geoff Reader Encouragement Winner

Congratulations to ALL participants and their families. 2020 has tested our resilience but we have all come together and pulled off another AMAZING Power of Speech!

Events like Power of Speech don’t come together without some incredible minds behind it.

Our sincere thanks go out to all the generous individuals who dedicated their time, heart and efforts towards making Power of Speech a positive memory for our students:

  • TSH Outpost staff
  • Geof Parry & Luisa Mander
  • Judges Kevin Brown, Cathy O’Leary and David Price
  • TSH staff from IT and Marketing
  • Dr Alec O’Connell and Mark Fitzpatrick
  • Allmark & Associates for our trophies and signage
  • Pia Barrera from P.S. Smile Production for all images

And of course, to our fearless TSH Outpost students and their families!