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Scholarships at TSH

We would like to pay tribute to our scholarship sponsors, who have generously donated money that will assist families get the care they need for their child that has a speech or language delay:

ToyBox Australia
Perth Airport
Steadfast Foundation
Tomasi Family
Perron Family Trust

Here’s what you need to know about scholarships at Telethon Speech & Hearing, including how to become a sponsor and how to apply for a scholarship.

How many students have received scholarships?
Thanks to our sponsors, 61 children were provided with partial or full scholarships this year.

How do the scholarships work?
Scholarships provide families from low socio-economic backgrounds, single income families and families facing other extenuating circumstances (such as significant medical bills), the opportunity to attend our Talkabout program. Without this support, these children would often fall through the cracks of the current system, waiting up to 1-2 years to access therapy supports via the public system.

How much does a scholarship cost?
As a rough estimate, $5,000 will provide partial scholarships for two developmentally vulnerable children to attend our Talkabout program.

How can I apply for a scholarship and what is the process?
Families can apply here ( As part of the process, families are required to submit their most recent ATO Tax Assessment and two most recent payslips to cross-verify their financial circumstances with their application.

How can I sign up to become a sponsor?
We welcome any individual or organisation who would like to become a sponsor. Every sponsorship makes a huge difference in the life of a child with a speech or language delay. Please contact to find out more about supporting a scholarship.

Our amazing media partners
Without the support of our colleagues at West Australian Newspapers Limited, we would not be able to tell our stories or run our organisation as effectively as we do. Thank you to all those at West Australian Newspapers, Telethon and Channel 7 from all of us at Telethon Speech & Hearing.