Steps Toward Hope: Paris Runs to Change Lives - Telethon Speech & Hearing

Steps Toward Hope: Paris Runs to Change Lives

In this heartfelt interview, we hear from Paris, a mother who moved to Perth and faced the challenge of her son Carter’s hearing loss. Through the TSH program, Carter received vital support that significantly improved his life at school. Inspired by this positive change, Paris decided to run in the HBF Run for a Reason to raise funds and help other children like Carter.

She shares her story and highlights the power of community support and the difference it can make for families dealing with similar challenges.

Our journey with TSH began when we moved to Perth a year ago. Our son, Carter, has mild to moderate permanent hearing loss. Discovering this news was emotionally, physically, and financially challenging for our family. We were apprehensive about how Carter would adjust to a new state, and honestly, we weren’t confident we would find much support for him. Thankfully, we were proven wrong. Carter was enrolled in TSH’s Outpost Program and was supported by a full-time Teacher of the Deaf and Education Assistant, occupational therapist, and speech therapist within the school setting, eliminating the need for Carter to leave school for specialist appointments. One pivotal moment was realising these in-house services’ significant positive impact on Carter’s development and our family’s well-being. No longer did we have to disrupt his school day for support or drag him to appointments after school when he was already exhausted.

The inspiration for starting this fundraising run for TSH stemmed from my desire to give back after witnessing the remarkable support they provided to Carter and our family. Having only started running this year and realising how amazing this newfound activity was for my mental health, I decided to challenge myself with the HBF Run for a Reason half marathon. When asked what charity I wanted to raise money for, I immediately thought of TSH. Reflecting on the immense benefit our family received, I couldn’t wait to provide that same opportunity for another family.

The TSH Outpost program has been instrumental in Carter’s speech and hearing development. The noticeable changes include increased confidence in communication, improved speech clarity, and enhanced social interactions. One specific instance that highlights the positive impact of the program was when Carter began to actively participate in classroom discussions and group activities, demonstrating improved auditory processing and language skills.

My hope for the outcome of this fundraising effort extends beyond supporting another child. I aim to raise awareness about the importance of specialised services like those provided by TSH and to advocate for greater support for children with hearing difficulties. It’s crucial for people to understand that deaf education is not just about academics but also about providing comprehensive support for the overall well-being and development of these children.

Through my participation in the HBF Run, I hope to convey the message of resilience, hope, and community support. By sharing my personal journey and fundraising efforts, I aim to inspire others to take action and support causes that are close to their hearts.

For other families navigating similar challenges with speech and hearing difficulties, my advice would be to reach out for support and resources available in their community. Don’t hesitate to advocate for your child’s needs and explore all available options. I didn’t have much family support, and all it took was a simple search on Google for “Children’s hearing support in Perth” to finally find our community. Organisations like TSH are there to help and can make a significant difference in your child’s development and your family’s journey.


Join Paris in her inspiring journey and make a difference by contributing to the fundraising page here. Every step you take and every dollar you raise helps build a world where every child gets the support they need to thrive. Let’s run for a reason—let’s run for their future.