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Telethon Speech & Hearing and Huawei Partnership

Telethon Speech & Hearing and Huawei partner to create greater access to early intervention therapies for children in the Peel and South-West regions of WA

Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH) is pleased to partner with Huawei through the Creating Access for all Children program. With thanks to a donation to Telethon, the program will see TSH and Huawei deliver capacity-building resources to families with children who have a hearing loss, speech and/or language delays across the Peel and South-West regions of WA.

Leveraging our existing partnerships in the region, TSH will also disseminate educational resources to local stakeholders including GPs, Paediatricians, Ear Nose Throat Specialists, early years teachers, childcare educators, service providers and other NGOs to help identify children who may be falling through the cracks and are not receiving the necessary early intervention supports that they require.

Working collaboratively with other locally based organisations, these children and their families will be supported by TSH’s team of allied health professionals and specialised teachers using teletherapy.

TSH would again like to thank our funding partner, Huawei, for their support in making this program a reality.