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TSH Offers Free Hearing Checks for Children

2018 Hearing Awareness Week

  • Due to an overwhelming response, we are now fully booked with appointments for our ‘Free Hearing Checks for Children’ event on February 28.

    Thank you to everyone who shared or liked our post. This overwhelming demand proves there is a high need for hearing health and wellbeing services for children in our State. We opened an "overflow clinic to keep up with queries, however, this is now closed.

    Waiting times for our regular Audiology appointments are reasonable.

    For everyone who missed out, Telethon Speech & Hearing plans to run other ear screenings in 2018-19.  If you wish to be advised of these, please submit your details with us below.

    To learn more about our audiology services for children and adults, click here.

    Thank you.

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‘Hear the Future’ is this year’s theme for Hearing Awareness Week. Telethon Speech & Hearing aims to make sure all WA children have a future to hear by offering free ear health and hearing checks for children on Wednesday, 28 February 2018.

In a bold move by the organisation, Telethon Speech & Hearing will accept bookings for young babies and children in its world-class facilities in Wembley. All checks will be performed by qualified Audiologists under the guidance of its newly appointed Head of Audiology, Ian Henderson.

Hearing loss is a significant disability in Australia. Around 3.6 million Australians (14.5% of the population) are affected by hearing loss, at a cost to the Australian economy of an estimated $15.9 billion.*

Yet hearing health and wellbeing is not one of Australia’s national health priorities.

“Otitis media or ‘glue ear’ is one of the most common childhood illnesses and may be a contributing factor to speech, balance or learning difficulties,” said Mr Henderson.

“However, it is easily overlooked because it isn’t always indicated by ear pain. Young children can’t express this hearing loss and often parents mistakenly feel their child is ignoring them.”

Mr Henderson advises parents may pick up clues of ear troubles by a child’s ear-tugging (or poking), irritability or disrupted sleep. He also cautions children can develop hearing loss any time after birth, and the consequences of prolonged hearing loss can significantly impact a child’s development and quality of life.

“Even when a child passes newborn hearing screening, speech delay may result later on from ear infections and congestion,” he said.

“Even a mild or partial hearing loss can have life-long impacts to a child’s education and development. If you have a child less than five years of age, book a free appointment with one of our experienced audiologists and ensure your child has a sound future.”

Telethon Speech & Hearing will run free hearing checks for children and adults on –

Date: Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Telethon Speech & Hearing, 36 Dodd St Wembley 6014

Bookings are requiredPlease contact Telethon Speech & Hearing on or call 9387 9888 to arrange an appointment.

Telethon Speech & Hearing will check the ear health of your child. If hearing or other assessment is also needed we will do this and/or recommend a full assessment later.

GP referrals are not required. However, it is recommended that you bring in any previous medical or audiology results.


References: The Social and Economic Cost of Hearing Loss in Australia – June 2017, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics for HCIA.


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