Our Purpose and Values | Telethon Speech & Hearing

Our Purpose & Values


As experts in our field we excel in bringing together services to support children and families to speak, hear, connect and learn in ways that empower them to live fulfilling lives.



Our values reflect the ENTIRE focus of what guides our decisions

  • Excellence: We are experts in our field using research, experience and knowledge to deliver the highest level of services and conduct in all we do.


  • Nurturing: We create a caring, supportive environment that fosters positive outcomes bringing empathy and wisdom to our relationships.


  • Trust: We engender trust by listening, connecting, and delivering on our promises.


  • Inclusivity: We work with people to ensure success. We embrace others in what we do using our expertise to help create success.


  • Respect: We recognise every person’s unique abilities, operating in a spirit of cooperation and valuing dignity.


  • Empowerment: We build people’s capacity, knowledge and skills in an enriching and inclusive environment.