Our Library | Telethon Speech & Hearing


Telethon Speech & Hearing has its own dedicated Library.

Resources include:

  • Children’s books carefully selected to suit children aged 0 to 5 years old.
  • Blank question kits. These books come with a set of blank questions for the parent to ask to help children grasp early comprehension skills.
  • Parent collection. This includes resources to help families understand diagnosis, behavioural issues and to provide guidance.
  • Play bags. These are designed for fun! Some bags include puzzles and may not be age appropriate for some children. Instructions are included.


Borrowing Policy

All children enrolled at Telethon Speech & Hearing are library members. If you would like your child to borrow books, please provide them with a Library bag. Fiction books are situated in the Fiction Boxes and are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the authors surname. Non-fiction books are arranged subject and are labelled on the spine of the book.

For example,

Cartoon graphic of human body

Cartoon graphic of dinosaur

Cartoon graphic of racing car




Before taking any books out of the Library, please ensure they have been scanned. Please take all items to the issue desk to be scanned into your child’s name or alternatively, you may use the self-checkout station which is designed for children to scan their own books with a little parent help. A manual checkout is available when the Library is unattended. All resources must be returned to the Library. There is a slot marked “Returns” at the issue desk, please drop all books in there. Any resources not returned will incur a charge. Please take care with our book as many of them have moveable parts.

You may borrow 5 books, 2 Blank Question kits and 1 play bag with a loan period of 1 week (resource can be renewed).


Reading Tips

  • Read with your child every day
  • Be expressive
  • Let children choose the books they are interested in and encourage books that are not so familiar to your child
  • A child may lose interest in a story, but will often enjoy pointing out things in the pictures. Stop reading when your child loses interest.
  • Ask children lots of questions about colours, numbers, shapes and objects in the story. Ask questions that stimulate thought.
  • Praise builds confidence and self esteem in children. Reading will be associated with feeling good. Learning becomes natural, rewarding and fun.
  • Make a book of your own and help your children to make their own books.
  • Be patient.




For further enquiries, please phone (08) 9387 9888 or email us.