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Our Talkabout Team

A multidisciplinary approach

Talkabout has a team-based approach to helping your child achieve their speech and language goals. Our play-based learning is delivered through a team of passionate educational and clinical specialists. Telethon Speech & Hearing offers a holistic approach to each child’s development on speech, language, learning, play and socialisation.


Our Talkabout team includes:

Janene Hall,
Our Principal serves as the educational leader of the program and is responsible for managing the policies, regulations and procedures of the school. The Principal works in partnership with staff, parents and students to oversee behavioral, curriculum and educational initiatives.

Di McLean,
Deputy Principal

Our Deputy Principal facilitates operations in the program on a day to day basis and communicates directly with parents and staff on curriculum and behavioural matters. The Deputy Principal works with all stakeholders to contribute to the Centre’s educational planning, innovation and evaluation.

Michelle Jamieson,
Family Liaison

Our Family Liaison supports families with administrative concerns and direct enquiries. They build positive relationships with families by providing support networks, referral pathways, individual parenting support, information on services and agencies, and supports parents in taking an active role in their child's learning and well-being.

Nicole Stone,
Enrolments Officer & NDIS Support

Our Enrolments Officer is available to help families with the enrolment process and support families with their NDIS journey.

Other members in our team:

Talkabout Early Childhood Teachers

Early Childhood Teachers and Education Assistants

Teachers plan and run the education component of the Talkabout program with the assistance of Education Assistants.


Speech Pathologists

Speech Pathologists work directly with children, providing formal and informal assessment of language skills and working with small groups on individually determined language goals. They also support families with developing a range of strategies to facilitate their child’s receptive and expressive language.

Talkabout playground OT

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists work directly with children, providing formal and informal assessment of fine and gross motor and sensory skills. They work with small groups on these skills both in the specially purposed gym and in the classroom setting. They also support families with developing a range of strategies to facilitate the child’s sensory integration and fine and gross motor skills development.

Parent Information TSH


Psychologists provide direct support services which may include individual counselling for families, support of behavioural issues both at home and at school, and conduct assessments that evaluate cognitive, behavioural, social and emotional functioning. They also provide indirect services including Parent Information sessions, Circle of Security sessions and consultation with staff.

Talkabout Audiology


Audiologists support the ear health of our children by providing individual middle ear screening using tympanometry and provide results and recommendations to families. They are also available to consult with teachers and to provide professional learning and parent information sessions on ear health.

Additional resources:


Let's talk about it - A handbook for parents and teachers

Let’s talk about it is a parents and information book developed by Telethon Speech & Hearing to help parents on their journey with their child’s speech and language development.

Click here to view or download our handbook, Let’s talk about it.