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Outpost Partnered Schools

Partnered Schools

Telethon Speech & Hearing began its very first school support program, Outpost, at Servite College in 1979. Today, our Outpost program is delivered at ten partner mainstream schools. In each school, our support program is staffed by an outstanding multidisciplinary team of: Teachers of the Deaf, Speech Pathologists,  Psychologists,  Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Note takers and Educational Assistants.

Our team of professionals collaborate to ensure students have the highest level of specialist assistance and advice. Each Outpost school provides these children with the extra support needed in their mainstream classrooms helps them reach their potential.

The Outpost program is designed for students with hearing loss from kindergarten to Year 12. Students are fully integrated into mainstream classes and receive the full curriculum from their school. Students receive individual support from our highly skilled team of professionals.

Each student has an individualised support program that is developed collaboratively with parents, school staff and the our Outpost Team. The level of support that a student receives is based on their individual needs. Individual assistance may include extra language, speech, auditory, social/emotional and academic support tailored to individual needs.

Students are withdrawn from mainstream classes only if necessary to allow them to take an active part in mainstream school life.

Below are our partnered schools, please visit their respective websites to learn more about each school and what they can offer.