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Scholarships List 2023

Scholarships are provided through a range of generous donors to ensure finances are not a barrier to enter Telethon Speech & Hearing’s early intervention hearing impaired or speech and language delay programs. Scholarships enable your child to attend our early intervention program for up to a year and can provide partial or full fee relief.*

Many of our supporters like to engage with the scholarship recipients through an annual morning tea and request to be informed of the impact of their support. TSH requires all applicants to complete the form below. All applications are means tested to ensure recipients meet the the required criteria for being awarded a scholarship. 

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The Telethon Scholarship was established in 2020 through the generous support of the Telethon Trust. Ten scholarships are awarded to families experiencing financial hardships, enabling their children the opportunity to attend our early intervention programs.

Serving as the gateway to WA and acting as Perth’s largest domestic and international airport. The Perth Airport Scholarships were established in 2018.

The purpose of the scholarships is to ensure that families in need of financial support to enable their children to attend our early intervention programs do not go without the critical help they need for their child’s development.

These scholarships are specific for families within the geographical regions of the City of Swan, Canning, Belmont and Kalamunda.

Frank and Atilia Tomasi have had a long-standing relationship with TSH, with their grandson previously enrolled in the Talkabout program. This scholarship is named in memory of Frank’s wife, Atilia 

 The Stan Perron scholarship recognises the Perron family’s long-term support and philanthropic generosity towards TSH. The scholarship is in memory of Stan Perron and ensures his legacy lives on.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, applicants can apply for support at any time during the year. 

All applications will be reviewed and an outcome shared with the family in a timely manner. .

In many cases yes, however this is dependent on a number of factors, such as the reason listed for seeking funding, substantiating documentation provided and other income streams (e.g. NDIS) available to the applicant. 

Yes. It is important to notify TSH if your circumstances improve, in order to free up scholarship funding for other families.