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Speech and Language Development


Do you know a late Talker?

Telethon Speech & Hearing’s Talkabout Program offers

Therapy Playgroups – for two and three year old children with a language delay or who might just need that extra bit of support to encourage their language development.

Talkabout Therapy Playgroups are supported by a – Specialist teacher Specialist education assistant Speech pathologist Occupational therapist Psychologist Family Liaison Officer

Through play based experiences, Talkabout Therapy Playgroups aim to develop – Vocabulary Sentence building Understanding of Language Play skills Fine and gross motor skills

Delivered through a team of passionate educational and clinical staff TSH offers a holistic approach to each child’s development on speech, language, learning, play and socialisation. We do this through our specialised playgroups, kindergarten and pre-primary programs for children with speech and /or language delays or disorders.