Speech Pathology Clinic in Perth | Telethon Speech & Hearing

TSH Speech Pathology Clinic

Telethon Speech & Hearing offers fee based speech pathology assessments for children with no referral needed.
All our speech pathologists are members of Speech Path Australia.

Our speech pathology clinic services include:

  • Full assessment of your child’s speech motor skills
  • Comprehensive receptive and expressive language assessments
  • Assessments and referrals to Language Development Centres
  • Individual treatment sessions focusing on individualised goals for your child
  • Basic keyword sign workshops for parents, caregivers, teachers and education assistants
  • Comprehensive speech and language assessments to support Cochlear Implant candidacy
  • Group based language intervention, as available
  • Parent/caregiver workshops addressing various topics in speech and language.



You may be eligible for a refund from your private health fund. Please check with your private health fund to see if you qualify for this. Your child may also be eligible for a plan through Medicare. Your GP can provide you with more information about these options.
Please note: If you need to cancel an appointment please contact Reception on 9387 9888. 24 hours notice is required for cancellations; otherwise you will still be invoiced for the session.


Frequently asked questions:

What is speech pathology?
Speech pathology is the study of diagnosing and treating people with communication difficulties.

Why does my child need speech therapy?
Your child may need speech therapy if they exhibit speech, language or swallowing difficulties. These can present as trouble speaking, listening, understanding conversations, reading, writing, communicating socially, or difficulties using their voice.

How do I know if my child needs help?
This is where our speech pathologists can help by assessing your child in order to diagnose any issues (if any) your child may be experiencing and/or provide treatment.

What do our speech pathologists do?
Speech pathologists will help your child find and express the best way to communicate their needs. This can include forms of assisted communication using objects, signs and gestures associated with what your child is trying to communicate.

What is expressive and receptive language?

  • Expressive language helps your child express their ideas, feelings and thoughts.
  • Receptive language helps your child understand instructions, language and words.

If you would like to know more about what we do or if your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss and would like further information or to book an appointment, please see below or phone Reception on (08) 9387 9888.