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Teacher Resources

Ear Health & Speech and Language

Range of free resources for teachers to support children in the classroom for their ear health and speech and language development.

Speech and Language 




Adventures in Speech Pathology 

  • Clinical and evidence-based print and digital home practice packets, articulation cards, handouts, and activities for children with speech sound disorders. 

Aussie Deaf Kids

  • Auslan Signbank (Dictionary and more)
  • Sally and Possum (TV series)
  • Apps for learning Auslan: Auslan story time, Ausland Tutor (Key signs), Auslan Tutor 2
  • WA Association on the Deaf – free Auslan

Cochlear Australia 

  • Professional training support 

Dyslexia SPELD Foundation 

Download useful information, activities and articles 

  • Specific Learning Disorders Flow Chart
  • Identifying Dyslexia in the Early Years
  • Stairway to Reading Success
  • Structed Synthetic Phonics program – initial and extended code sequences
  • Getting off to good start FAQ about phonics

DSF provides a range pf professional development opportunities for teachers, school psychologists, speech pathologists and allied health professionals. In addition, DSF runs free information evenings and workshops for parents on regular basis.

Hearing First 

  • Join as a professional or family member and access resources and free training 

Language Disorder Australia 

  • Videos on Language Disorder
  • Signs of Language Disorder
  • Developmental Language Disorder
  • Webinars – list upcoming events 

Handouts and fact-sheets: 

  • 6 steps of vocabulary instructions  
  • Using Microsoft Learning Tools in the Classroom 
  • Executive functions skills in early childhood 
  • Emotion wheel language 
  • Emotion body clues  
  • Early learning simulation strategies  
  • Shape coding
  • Supporting students with language disorders
  • Speech language and communication needs
  • Social interfacing support Language disorders  


Connect with hearing implant users, learn more about hearing loss and cochlear implants, and hear from others in your situation. Through Hearpeers, you can get free one-on-one support from real implants recipients, share your experiences and get your questions answered by our global community. 

Ms Rachel

Speech Toddler Learning Videos and Baby Learning Videos with real teachers, Mr Rachel! Ms Rachel uses techniques recommended by speech therapists and early childhood expert to help children learn important milestones and preschool skills!

Peach Speech Pathology   

  • Visual aides
  • Cue cards
  • Posters
  • Record sheets

Speech and Language Kids 

  • Therapy material
  • Vocab page
  • Expressive language
  • Receptive language
  • Speech sounds
  • Behaviour and sensory
  • Nonverbal children
  • Increase sentence length 

Twinkl Australia 

Online educational resources with both printable and online activities for: 

  • Articulation 
  • Phonology
  • Language
  • AAC
  • Creating connection 
  • Learning and developing 
  • Social and emotional learning  

Ear Health 




Breath Blow Cough 

  • Onslow school-instructions for BBC
  • Youtube video
  • Queensland Govt info flyer   

Care for Kids’ Ears

  • Care for Kids’ Ears talking book
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Strong hearing, strong start video
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Strong hearing, strong start video – Auslan 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears Resource order form 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – tissues 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – brochure rack 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – I love my ears stickers 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – crayons  
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Otitis medical information booklet for health professionals 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Flipchart for teachers and teacher’s aides
  • Care for Kids’ Ears –  My Ears A3 storybook 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Kathy and Ernie’s activity book 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Ear disease can cause loss of hearing 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Memory Cards
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Photo book Strong hearing strong start 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Information booklet for teachers and teacher’s aides 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Parents and cares booklet  
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Otitis media consolation took for health professionals 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears – Information booklet for early childhood groups 
  • Care for Kids’ Ears

Hearing Australia 

  • Signs my baby has hearing loss
  • Tinnitus in children 

Hearing First 

Over 500 different resources, including some below:

  • The building blocks for learning
  • Growing your baby’s hearing brain infographic
  • Powering listening and talking 
  • Find quality LSL program
  • Every Hearing minutes counts
  • Making Listening easier
  • End of day quick check
  • 3 LSL ways to reach 40 million words  

Mama Hu Hears

Initial assessments 
Supports babies – adults 
Range of programs for social skills, literacy, writing, and early language and social

  • Tips to prepare for child’s first hearing evaluation
  • Tips for communicating with people who are deaf/heard if hearing
  • Tips to optimise your hearing aid programming or CI mapping appointment
  • What does Cochlear implant sound like
  • Invisible load of hearing loss: parenthood edition
  • Signs and symptoms of listening fatigue in children


Otitis Media Guidelines 

  •  Videos and sites for ear health information 

Plum and Hats 

The PLUM and HATS are designed for health and early childhood workers to screen listening and yarning skills in children under 6 years of age.


  • Factsheets about Plum & Hats for parents and carers
  • Flyers for parents, carers and extended family
  • Factsheets for Plum & Hats for workers
  • Awareness video
  • Success story 1 & 1
  • Social Media tiles
  • Plum age-appropriate questions questions
  • Poster
  • FAQs 

Raising Children Network 

  • What is deafness or hearing loss?
  • Types of deafness or hearing loss?
  • Diagnosing deafness or hearing loss
  • Signs of deafness or hearing loss
  • Video: About deafness and hearing loss
  • Learning to communicate: deaf children and children with hearing loss
  • Listening device for children and children with hearing loss
  • Early intervention for deaf children and children with hearing loss
  • Video: After diagnosis of hearing loss
  • Financial support for deaf children with hearing loss
  • Looking after yourself and your family
  • Hearing loss, hard of hearing, deaf and deafness: terminology

Telethon Speech & Hearing 

Youtube Channel – range of educational videos