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Telethon Speech & Hearing Library Appeal

Books are an important resource for both children and parents of our early intervention programs.

Our beautiful on-site library houses many shelves of books to help develop literacy, language and social skills in our little learners. There is also a small section dedicated to helping parents through a range of topics around the growth and development of their child.

Creating spaces that are functional and fun for families is really important to our centre, but because most resources go towards our intensive therapy programs and services, our library is often left underdeveloped.


This holiday season, we are asking for your help to make a change. Please donate to our Christmas appeal dedicated to helping update the books and resources in our library.

Click here to donate to our appeal.

Please note that we do not need book donations. Our library specialises in supporting families with hearing, speech and language, and our library appeal is dedicated to funding resources for this purpose.


Parent testimonials:

“My nearly four-year-old son has been attending the Talkabout program at TSH for a year. When we first started, the sandpit was his greatest temptation after class but this has now been replaced by the library. It is our first stop when we arrive to return books, and the last place we leave from with a bag full of stories for the coming week.

Every parent knows the importance of reading to their child, none more so than those who have children who are speech or language delayed. Julie has been able to suggest particular books to compliment the work we have been undertaking with our speech pathologist, which at times has changed on a weekly basis, or to provide insight into stories that will engage both he and his older sister at storytime, and thus promote conversation (and usually much laughter). The access to quality children’s books that the TSH Library provides is an invaluable and vital resource.

 And of course there is also the added benefit that the library brings, beyond the books themselves, and that is teaching routine and responsibility. My son has grown from a timid child to one who wants to visit the library, confidently chooses (and scans) his own books based on his interests and understands the concept of borrowing, and therefore respecting, property. The TSH library is part of our weekly routine and has undoubtedly assisted in our language journey.”


“The Telethon Speech & Hearing library has been a wonderful resource.  We visit every week and our son loves to help choose books.  It is arranged in sections, so it’s easy for him to find new books – just go straight to the trucks and diggers shelf!  He loves to help return last week’s books and help to check out the new books.  He’s quite shy so it’s great for him to practice his social skills with the lovely librarian Julie.

We have also borrowed books and DVDs from the parents section to help with child behaviour issues on several occasions. 

We believe that reading early in life is of great help for a child with their schooling, so to have the convenience of a special kids library at Telethon is fantastic.  We are there every week, whereas with the public libraries it’s not always easy to find the time to go.”


Click here to donate to our appeal.