QV1 Descent 2019 - Telethon Speech & Hearing

QV1 Descent 2019

QV1 Descent – 11th April 2019

The QV1 Descent is an abseiling challenge down Perth’s QV1 building on St Georges Terrace in Perth CBD. The challenge offers abseil or zip line descent for participants down the 43 storey (160m) QV1 building. The aim of the challenge is to face your fears and to fundraise money for your chosen charity.

Telethon Speech & Hearing will be taking part in the challenge to help raise funds for children and families affected by hearing, speech and language impairment. Help us by sponsoring our team aptly called “Fear of Heights”! 

  • Team members who raise $850 will qualify to represent the team by abseil.
  • Team members who raise $1250 will qualify to represent the team by zipline.

Take a look at all individual bios and support our team today!

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The Descent is on!

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Funds Raised to Goal $10,000
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Dave Harben
(Team Captain)


Why I’m involved

For years I have watched children overcome huge obstacles and fears in their little lives so have decided to face my fear of heights and in the process hopefully raise some money for my favorite place – Telethon Speech and Hearing.

I need your help to raise $5,000 for a scholarship help a child access the programs at Telethon Speech & Hearing.

There is no donation too low or high! Everything over $2.00 is tax deductible and did I mention it was for a great cause – see you at the bottom!



Better outcomes for everyone

My goal in completing the QV1 Descent is to raise $10,000 that will provide scholarships for children to access our services.

Why? Because the system is hard enough to navigate for any parent with a child with hearing loss or speech or language delay.
So if we can remove any financial barriers more children and more families get more support and the community gets a better outcome – everyone wins (plus I get to scale down one of Perth’s icon buildings).

Support Mark


Jeremy Rigg

Better outcomes for everyone

I am joining the Telethon Speech and Hearing team to help them break through the $10,000 target.

It is a fantastic cause to be supporting: scholarships for children with speech and hearing difficulties will help families in need who may be otherwise unable to access our early intervention programs and with added bonus of making the scholarship winners feel special.

Support Jeremy

Kevin Mootoosamy

Funds Raised to Goal
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Give it a go

By hitting the “donate” button you are helping not only myself but this amazing charity that I have chosen to fundraise for.

Let’s really make a difference & raise some incredible funds for Telethon Speech & Hearing, Every dollar counts!

And did I mention, I am terrified of heights! I hope there will be a parachute available for me on the way down!

Carbon Group

Funds Raised to Goal
Thank you for your support!

Nathan Hood


Mason Dunn

Carbon Group would love to raise $2k and Telethon Speech and Hearing is always a cause close to our heart as many of the team at Carbon have young families so being able to assist other families which need help is great.

Perth Airport

Funds Raised to Goal
Thank you for your support!

Kevin Brown

Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown joins the descent this April in support of Telethon Speech & Hearing.

Help Kevin reach his goal of $1,000 by making a donation below.

Support Kevin

You can also help families at TSH by making a direct donation through our mycause charity profile page. Simply click “donate now” to show your support!

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