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Family Support Resources

Parent and Family Support

Community support services, resources, and organisations for all families. 

List of educational materials specific to Autism. Selection of suggested services to support families in need of mental health, advocacy, and ADHD plus council, government, and community support for families. 

ADHD Supports



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The Garden Family Medical Clinic 

Our ADHD appointments are for general information, advice, comprehensive referrals, practical tips, parenting support, letters and contact with schools or employers and mental health support. At this point in time (as at Jan 2023), our GP’s are unable to formally diagnose ADHD or prescribe initial dosing of medication for ADHD (as per WA state legislation). 

Advocacy Supports



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Carer’s WA

Advocating and Supporting Family Carers from carer’s gateways, social supports, community capacity development and more.

Explorability Inc. (NFP)

Individual advocacy support- provides free Individual Advocacy services in the Perth Metropolitan, Peel and Wheatbelt regions to people with disability, alongside their families and carers.

Uniting WA

Free, confidential advocacy service that promotes the rights of people with disability and those who identity as having a mental health issue. 

Autism Supports



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Autism Speaks (US Based)

100 Day Kit for families of young children newly diagnosed with Autism. 

Autism Spectrum Australia 

Range of fact sheets, social stories, and other resources to support families and participants. 

Factsheets: Understanding Autism, Siblings, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Girls and Women on the Autism, Spectrum, Sensory Processing, Dietary Interventions for Autism, Autism and ADHD, Tackling Bullying, Social Boundaries, Aspect Practice iPad Update, Explaining Death and Coping with loss, Restrictive Practices

Autism: What next 

Simple but comprehensive resource to help find out about Austism. 

Developmental Disability WA

Autism Parent Handbook 

Positive Partnerships 

Working together to support school age students on the autism spectrum. 

Resources, Information Sheets, Parent/ Carer Workshops, Communication Tools

Raising Children 

Autism specific resources, Factsheets, Social Stories, Understanding Behaviours, Videos, Communications and Relationships.

Telethon Kids Institute  – CliniKids 

60 Seconds Science – Bec Kuzminski discusses a recent study which looked at strengths knowledge and use among autistic adults compared to non-autistic adults. 

Government Supports



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Carers Payment and Carers Allowance 

Australian Government financial assistance. 

Department of Education 

Resources for children with special educational needs 


Early Childhood Coordinators 

Contact your Wanslea coordinator/planner they should have local resources

Local Council Supports



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Cockburn Council 

Free short term counselling, information, and support for City of Cockburn residents.

Cockburn Council 

My Time: A free group for Aboriginal parents and grandparents.

The group meets on Tuesday during school terms at the Coolbellup Hub. 

My Time – City of Cockburn

Cockburn Council 

My Time: A free group for Aboriginal parents and grandparents.

Text Message 
Text ‘Wllbeing4Me’ to 0400 884 151, you will be sent a link to access an app and resource. Tap on the link. If you don’t already have the ‘Access My Community’ app, you will be directed to either Google Pay or App store to download it. 
Once downloaded, access the app to find the resource ‘Mental Health Support: Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville.’

Mental Health Supports



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Australian Government – Head to Health 

Navigating mental health. Finding services, digital resources, face-to-face services. 

Australian Government – My Services

Find mental health and other services locally. 

Australian Psychological Society

Find a Psych online specific to your needs.

Find local professionals (e.g. Counsellor)

Discover Therapy

Children Counselling, Teen Therapy, Family Therapy

Support NDIS participants 

Helping Minds

Mental health supports, Group supports and Workshops. 

Mental Health Online 

Comprehensive and effective online services and programs free of charge 

Minds Online 

Online Mental Health supports with counsellor or psychologist.


Offers groups activates where parents can share challenges, support each other and build relationships.

Siblings Australia 

An opportunity for brothers and sisters to connect and share experiences with other siblings and parents with similar journeys. 

Reach Out 

One-on-one online supports for parents and cares.

Articles, factsheets and tips.

Connect with other parents – Parent forms. 

Online Directory



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Provider finer – search for local searches online 

Perth Kids Hub 

Perth Kids Hub is your online guide to Perth’s paediatric therapists, specialist, educators and schools who support kids and teenagers who learn, think or develop differently.  




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Perth Kids Hub 

List of All Perth Paediatricians 

Parent Support Program 



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Circle of Security 

Early intervention program for parents and children 

Triple P

Positive Parenting Program – research proven, positive tips to help everyday families.